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Social Selling – The Basics

When we first became aware of SSI, we became obsessed by it. Who had the highest score in our network and how could you get your SSI higher? We attended seminars, We read blog posts by people who had an SSI of 90+, We checked ours every single day…

In this post you will find out what SSI is & how it’s calculated;  Top tips on how to improve your SSI & the #LinkedInCoffeeCupRoutine courtesy of Tribal Impact


The LinkedIn Social Selling Index quantifies how well you have embraced social selling on LinkedIn. According to LinkedIn, an SSI leader has a score of 70+; a poor SSI is 30 or lower.

WHY SHOULD YOU CARE? The numbers speak for themselves – good social sellers create 45% more opportunities than peers with a lower SSI and they are 51% more likely to achieve sales targets*

Research also shows those with a high SSI score are on average promoted 17 months faster than low-scoring peers & can reach VP level 41 months faster!*


Find out what your SSI is and then read on to find out how to improve it!


Profiles that have a photo are 11x more likely to be viewed* so make a good impression and showcase your brand. Adding great content to your profile is about having case studies, posts or other interesting content people can review so they can see straight away how working with you will add value to their lives.

Have you tried the LinkedIn Coffee Cup Routine? Here are six actions that you take every day which can help to improve your SSI.

  1. NETWORK – Send, Accept and Reject Connection Requests
  2. MESSAGES – Check and Reply
  3. NOTIFICATIONS – Engagement Opportunities within your network, see what you can like and comment on
  4. HOME FEED – Engage with 2 or 3 posts that are relevant to your interests, industry or job role
  5. SHARE – Share an article or update
  6. PROFILE VIEWS – Check who has looked at your profile and see if you can send them a connection request.

Having a high SSI does not make you a social selling expert. Closing deals and growing revenue makes you a social selling expert. How you embed social selling behaviours into an integrated sales and marketing process is what you really should care about. If you do this, and do it well, your SSI and those of your team members will find its place naturally over time and that becomes your baseline.

If you want to find out more about how you convert SSI into generating revenue growth for your business, please get in touch

If your SSI is just another vanity statistic – we think it’s quicker and cheaper to buy a mirror.

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