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How marketing saved the teeth of a nation

In the early 1900s, Claud C. Hopkins helped to save the teeth of a nation.
An ingenious ad campaign for Pepsodent.
Before marketing Pepsodent, only 7% of Americans brushed their teeth daily.
Hopkins knew he had to make people want to brush their teeth. But how?
He sat down with a pile of dental textbooks: “It was dry reading,” he wrote in his autobiography. “But I found a reference to the mucin plaques on teeth, which I called ‘the film’ & I resolved to advertise this toothpaste as a creator of beauty.”
The key for sales was repetition: this was something you needed to do every day, it was relatively inexpensive & a quick way to improve yourself.
The CUE & REWARD marketing technique worked brilliantly:
Cue: If you feel a filmy coating when you run the tip of your tongue over your teeth, you need Pepsodent.
Reward: Tingling clean feeling of the toothpaste & beautiful white teeth.
A decade after Hopkins’ ad campaigns, pollsters found toothbrushing had become a daily ritual for 65% of Americans.
Everyone from Shirley Temple to Clark Gable bragged about a “Pepsodent smile.” Within a decade Pepsodent was one of the top sellers around the globe. Even today it remains in the top 10.
An uplifting example of #marketing truly improving people’s lives

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