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How to do a content audit of your website

What is a Content Audit?  A content audit looks at all the content your company has published on its website. It lets you know how well your content is performing, where it lives in the buyer journey and exposes where your content gaps are. If you don’t know what content you have and how it […]

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3 quick and easy ways to help website search engine optimisation

SEO is complicated because if Google made SEO easy,  fewer companies would spend money on Google Ads. So here are just a few ways you can get around Google’s algorithm changes. Prune and crop your content: – Create a list of all of the URLs on your website, using Screaming Frog or similar – Google Analytics […]

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Repeat after me: Content, Conversions, Competition.

Having read “how not to build a website” you know the end goal is to create a website that manages expectations effectively, increases efficiency and creates loyal customers who keep coming back for more juicy content. The age of BIG DATA Today anything and everything can be measured, however, most small business owners and marketing managers […]

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How not to build a website

Did you know that building a website and online dating have an awful lot in common?  In the last decade, the world has changed dramatically. We now live in a world where people expect to find the love of their life by swiping left or swiping right on an app. People expect to absorb information […]