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When should salespeople give marketing feedback?

I read a statistic this week that made me feel ill. Over 80% of content created by marketers goes unused by sales teams. What a waste of time, effort and money! Marketing teams need the input of salespeople to create useful and effective campaigns and initiatives but unsurprisingly perhaps, marketing departments are often nicknamed the […]

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Stop being a serial networker

Serial networkers – you know the ones, they’d attend the opening of an envelope if they had the excuse to. Every time photos from recent networking events pop up online, BAM! there they are. It almost becomes a weird game of “Where’s Wally” and then you start to think to yourself “Seriously, do they actually […]

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This is Sales Assault: Stop Pitch-Slapping Me!

Pitch-slapping. You know what it is. It’s when a salesperson pitches the most important benefits, features and functions of their products and services (often without invitation) and clearly does not care less about you, the buyer. Vague intro, misleading intentions… buy my stuff? OUCH!! PITCH-SLAP!! Pitch-slapping used to be relegated to scripted cold calls, generic […]

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The age of conscious consumerism

Greta Thunberg, a 17-year-old Swedish climate activist, is leading HUGE cultural change. Since her solo strike from school where she demonstrated outside the Swedish parliament building in 2018, she has galvanised tens of thousands of students worldwide to hold regular climate strike. In September 2019 millions of people joined her protest. This year Glasgow will […]

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How to get the most out of EMARI strategy-focused content workshops.

Content is the life force of marketing today. It enables companies to connect and interact with customers and build relationships. Newsletters, blogs, white papers, videos, events are all great way that content strategists, in-house marketers, and consultants can advance the practice of content marketing but without a clear strategy, you can do a lot of […]

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Marketing KPIs – which ones are you tracking?

There are hundreds of KPI that can help marketers determine whether they’re meeting their goals or falling short. Here is a sampling of marketing, customer, and financial KPIs that many of EMARI’s clients use: Marketing Cost per acquisition Market share Brand equity Cost per lead Conversion rate Click through rate Page views Bounce rate Share […]

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This is a candid clip that a client took from our latest EMARI content campaign planning training workshops.

So here’s 4 minutes of Emma-Louise Munro Wilson in “work mode” explaining what she calls the EMARI code also known as “why the traditional marketing and sales funnel doesn’t work anymore, what attention economics is and why it matters and how ABBA can help drive revenue growth” Enjoy!

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Why you should make a custom magazine part of your marketing strategy

What’s the one piece of content you look forward to the most? Think about it… I’ll bet it’s not a Facebook post. It’s not a YouTube video. It’s probably not yet another blog. My guess – it’s part of a series. That’s what got you hooked. What will people watch now Game of Thrones is […]


Anything is POSSIBLE in sales – guest video blog series by Steve Reeve.

The 12 Small Steps video series delivers 12 actions that can be undertaken by salespeople, Sales Managers and Sales Directors in order to build a solid pipeline of potential clients. The objective is to use the 12 Small Steps to generate a big result! Steve personally applied these steps and achieved a 60% increase over three […]