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How to sell during the COVID-19 Coronavirus crisis

Just had another Coronavirus-related email from a client and I always say if I’m saying the same thing to more than 3 clients – it’s worthy of an article. So here goes: Panic affects profits. We all know this and yes your customers are probably beginning to panic-buy pasta, tins of beans, deodorant and dog […]

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Stop saying marketing is complicated

I recently had a client come to me in tears. She’d spent thousands of pounds on a marketing consultant because she’d felt overwhelmed and needed someone to help her navigate the noisy world of digital marketing. This marketing consultant had happily taken her money, but not once had they made her feel like marketing was something […]

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When should salespeople give marketing feedback?

I read a statistic this week that made me feel ill. Over 80% of content created by marketers goes unused by sales teams. What a waste of time, effort and money! Marketing teams need the input of salespeople to create useful and effective campaigns and initiatives but unsurprisingly perhaps, marketing departments are often nicknamed the […]

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Working Out Loud – What it is and why it’s good for you

Why I work out loud and some tips on how to get started. Do you ever post pictures of your Sunday brunch outing on Instagram? Share your latest holiday snaps on Facebook? Tweet that you’ve voted or donated on Twitter and encourage others to do the same? Most of us are using social media to […]

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How to audit your offline print materials

Measuring the effectiveness of your online and offline marketing at the end of the year ensures you’re spending time and money on tactics that deliver the best returns. After all, if you aren’t measuring your marketing, you can’t really know how successful it is. Those glossy, new postcards do look great… But what happens when […]

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The basics of brilliant marketing messages

Yesterday I was talking to a client about brilliant marketing messages. The more time I spend doing digital marketing audits for people, the more I realise people don’t know the formula for brilliant marketing messages so I thought I’d share some thoughts: Brilliant marketing messages get to the point Weak marketing message meander EG “In today’s highly competitive […]

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The 7 disciplines of an authentic business

According to George Kao, they are: 1. Joyful Productivity 2. Consistent Content Creation 3. Paid Content Distribution 4. Collaborations 5. Audience Research 6. Offer rhythm 7. Client / Customer Feedback So let’s talk about these in practice… 1) Joyful Productivity I start my day with scheduling in my self-care. I make sure I’m never working […]

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Marketing Tips for Frugal Business Owners

When I started EMARI, I was dead set against going into a decade of debt to start my business. If anything, I wanted EMARI to be a vehicle to help get me out of the debt I’d accumulated whilst undertaking two degrees and travelling! As a freelance marketer, I know marketing is one of the […]

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Why scheduling posts is anti-social

As a revenue growth consultant I often see or get tagged into social media posts for people looking for free advice on marketing and sales which I’m usually very happy to give. Last week I was tagged in a post asking for recommendations on which scheduling tools to use for social media and my response […]