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How marketing saved the teeth of a nation

In the early 1900s, Claud C. Hopkins helped to save the teeth of a nation.
An ingenious ad campaign for Pepsodent.
Before marketing Pepsodent, only 7% of Americans brushed their teeth daily.
Hopkins knew he had to make people want to brush their teeth. But how?
He sat down with a pile of dental textbooks: “It was dry reading,” he wrote in his
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The 5 rules of content marketing

The 5 rules of content marketing

A content marketing strategy for your product or service is like making a cake….

You spend ages finding and mixing the right ingredients. A video on your website here, some case studies there, a sprinkling of social media posts and printed adverts. Voila! you’ve invested in some time and money in marketing your business! Now you can sit back, relax and just wait for the leads to just roll on in, right?